A project at Peplow!

Reinstating the Parterres 

Reinstating the Parterre’s – In a search to discover the history of the Peplow Hall Estate and its previous owners, we discovered a survey map commissioned in 1736 by Sir Hugh Pigot. To our amazement stood a very symmetrical house, three stories high, with spectacular parterre gardens leading down to the river. Over time these gardens have completely disappeared but in our project to bring the estate back to its former glory, we have reinstated four parterres with red gravelled paths to compliment the red brick of the house, traditional Buxus hedging to define symmetry and ‘Phenomenal’ lavender to attract the bees and insects and diffuse a sweet scent during the summer. In the centre of each garden positioned high to defend the house sit four historic canons recently renovated and a reminder of the time when Lord and Lady Newborough owned the hall.


The parterre was first designed in France by Claude Mollet around 1595 and consists of symmetrical patterns. Their designs have changed with fashions during the centuries, in England, these gardens were also called Knot Gardens and designed as a place to socialise whilst enjoying the floral scents, to which today we have created a fresh and calming atmosphere for guests to enjoy, with a sweet delicate herbal scent of lavender.