The Peplow Hall Story

Our Story

It’s all about the family here at Peplow Hall. With Gran as Head of Jam-making, Annabel leading on marketing, interior design and social media, Matt on computers and technology, Xander keeping the lawns pristine, Russ and Simon managing almost everything inbetween, and even Lord Bailey our cockapoo having the responsibility of chasing the geese off the lawn. It’s safe to say, we are all hands on!

For almost five years now we have put our heart and soul into the careful restoration of this beautiful estate. Our first job was to secure the curved walled garden using the traditional lime mortar. The conservation officer allowed us to restore the top metre of the brick work to ensure its stability. This curved walled garden is one of only three left in the country having a cavity throughout and historically being heated by two burners located in the potting shed. Back in the day, every inch of the walled garden would have been used to produce fruit and vegetables for the main house. Peaches would have been grown in the glass house, which unfortunately is no longer here, and mushrooms grown in the basement of the potting shed using the warmth from the boiler pipes and the dark environment to create the perfect conditions. This year, our kitchen garden will be fully functional with an assortment of fruit and vegetables for our guests to pick and enjoy. Wildflower seed will be sown to encourage bees, butterflies and insects. It will be a delight to watch nature at work!

The old cottages

Peplow Hall was built in 1725 and in 1736 Hugh Pigot commissioned a survey map of the estate. There stood 5 large Tythe Barns.  Currently 3 of these buildings stand, two have been converted and one remains as original. We believe possibly during Victorian times these were converted into tenant/workers cottages for the vast estate of 12,000 acres. When we purchased the estate in 2017, the cottages were very tired and in need of some TLC . These are now five luxury holiday cottages retaining their original features and charm but now beautifully decorated with luxury paints, fabrics, and handmade furniture designed and made here on site. These five cottages are now an important part of the future for Peplow Hall, every penny made on bookings goes directly back into the maintenance of this beautiful estate to preserve for future generations.

The Hall

Gosh if only walls could talk! After a day catching up with the washing, feeding a family of 6, dashing around with the Dyson, walking the dog and all the day-to-day activities that most of us do to keep the family home running, I often think of the past owners. Back in 1720, ladies sat drinking tea in beautiful silk gowns, playing the piano, creating beautiful cross stitch work, and taking a stroll around the grounds with other fine ladies, whilst the men carried out the business, went shooting and played billiards in the evening. Part of the house would have been filled with staff busy carrying out all the household tasks, lighting the fires…..oh gosh how times have changed!

The hall itself was built very symmetrical with a central front door, two windows either side then a second and third story and a pitched roof by Hugh Pigott.  When Sir Stanier purchased the hall, he greatly enlarged the property, adding wings, a tower and even adding a whole new section at the back. The entrance of the hall was then located on the side where the swimming pool sits today. The hall lost all symmetry at that point, but it seemed to be the architectural fashion during this time. Likely due to the war and costs relating to such an enormous building, 50% of this new additional space was removed around 1939. Unusually, Peplow Hall has had many different owners and has not been passed on through one main family like many large historic estates.

A New Future for Peplow!

We are so pleased to announce the launch of our new and exciting website which will guide you around our luxury cottages and beautiful estate, offering an abundance of information and packages for you to enjoy should you wish to book through our agent Luxury Cottages.

In the following months we will also be launching our own booking system, so should you wish to book directly with us, the option is there. It is undoubtedly exciting times for our family here at Peplow Hall and a completely new chapter for the future of the estate and we are delighted to welcome you as our guests.

We have already welcomed guests, and some have been so happy in our luxury cottages that they haven’t moved from them for their whole stay! Many have chosen to explore beautiful Shropshire, sampling local food and visiting the abundance of beautiful gardens and historical market towns, and almost everyone has taken a stroll around the estate gardens. Some have fished by the river, enjoyed a game of badminton or enjoyed an evening toasting marshmallows on the fire pit. Peplow is certainly a great place to unwind.