Botanic Beauty

Set within the grounds of the historic Peplow Hall estate are the magnificent gardens. Over recent years, the private gardens have been lovingly restored and nurtured to create an open space filled with colour, vibrancy and exquisite elements.

The Kitchen Garden, Sunken Garden and Woodland Garden found on the estate are all located near the tranquil 7-acre lake, which is filled with nature and wildlife all year round.

The Tranquil Lake

A haven for local wildlife, the 7-acre lake is home to many kingfishers, herons, egrets, sandpipers, and numerous species of geese. Where the River Tern meets the lake, you’ll also spot wild brown trout, chub, roach, perch, gudgeon, and rudd.

The Kitchen Garden

An original masterpiece, the Kitchen Garden at Peplow Hall is one of only three heated gardens remaining in the UK.

Historically, the cavity inside the wall would circulate hot air, generated by boilers underneath the potting shed, to protect the decorative but functional fruit trees. Whilst the thickness and curvature of the heated wall is a feat of engineering in itself, recent conservation repairs have helped to secure its structure.

With an eye for colour, shape and strategical planting, the Kitchen Garden is unmistakably a scenic masterpiece.

The Sunken Garden

The perfect spot for afternoon tranquillity, the Sunken Garden is a delightful place to sit, relax and admire an abundance of local nature.

Filled with spectacular Annabel and Paniculata hydrangeas, white climbing Roses and elegant wisteria, the floral colours all complement the unique Peplow Hall plum colour. In the centre lies a rill that connects two ornamental ponds, both of which are filled with life. Recently, an enchanting Robert James sculpture of Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle has been added to form as the statement feature.

The Woodland Garden

Beyond the Sunken Garden, an endearing path leads to the historic Woodland Garden. Here stand two majestic redwoods, ancient chestnut, pines, birch, oaks, and many other fine specimens of trees. Recently planted with 800 hydrangeas and 400 ferns, an ongoing planting scheme aims to combine the old with the new.